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    Company Background
    Soontrue mainly specialize in packaging machine manufacturing. Which established in 1993, with three major bases in ShangHai, Foshan and Chengdu. The headquarter is located in ShangHai. Plant area is about 133,333 square meters. More than 1700 staff. Annual output is more than USD 150 million. We are a leading manufacture which created first generation of plastic packing machine in China. Regional marketing service office in China (33 office). which occupied 70~80% market.
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    Packaging Industry
    Soontrue packing machine are widely used in tissue paper, snack food, salt industry, bakery industry, frozen food industry, pharmaceuticals industry packaging and liquid packaging etc. Soontrue always concentrate on automatic packing system line for turkey project.
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    Why Choose Soontrue
    The history and scale of the company reflect the stability of the equipment to a certain extent; Its also helpful to ensure the equipment after-sales service in the future.

    Their are a lot of successful case about automatic packaging line have been made by soontrue to both of our domestic and overseas customer. We have more than 27 years experience on packaging machine field to give you best service.


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    Recently, by the Chinese salt industry group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "salt in the group") belongs to the salt institute of engineering technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the salt institute) in cooperation with Africa Senegal salt company African salt project succee...

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