The 104th National Sugar and Wine Fair


On April 7, 2021, the 104th National Sugar and Wine Fair will be grandly opened in the West China Expo City. The National Sugar and Wine Fair is a long-established, large-scale and far-reaching exhibition in China's food and wine industry.

This exhibition Soontrue will bring advanced packaging industry production equipment and packaging integrated solutions, for your products, productivity and efficiency to optimize and improve! Realize the production of packaging intelligent automation, truly achieve "cost reduction, improve quality, increase efficiency. Soonture sincerely invites you to come to the exhibition, looking forward to meeting you.

The exhibition equipment

YL150B Vertical liquid packing machine
Packing speed 150 bags/min


ZX180PX Vertical packing machine
Packing speed 20-100 bags/min


KXM Automatic unpacking machine

Case erector speed: 5-30 cases/min


SZ-180 three servo upper feeding film horizontal packing machine

Packing speed: 30-500 bags/min


SW60E Full servo reciprocating pillow packing machine

Packing speed: 30-120 bags/min


GDS100A Full servo premade bag packing machine

Packing speed: 82 bags/min




Post time: Apr-01-2021

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