Snack food packaging

Today, leisure food has become an indispensable part of modern life content, leisure food is “leisure”, not only from the taste of pleasure, leisure food packaging personality, beauty and convenience is also a kind of enjoyment.
The packaging of leisure food refers to the beautification and protection of the appearance of this kind of food for consumers. There are mainly two aspects: one is to protect the integrity and hygiene of the packaged food; the other is to clearly express the information of the packaged food, such as raw materials, manufacturers, shelf life and so on.
Now, the functions and connotations of packaging given by enterprises are increasingly rich. Packaging has also become the messenger of enterprises to promote sales, build brands and transmit culture. DuPont’s Law says: “63% of consumers make a purchase decision based on the packaging.” Therefore, we often can see consumers choose and buy some leisure food, the reason is often “exquisite packaging”, even in order to admire the packaging “get the casket and return the pearl”. In view of snack food packaging, the future development trend of snack food can be predicted. It is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1,Planned product packaging from the height of brand strategy
2,Plan packaging from the perspective of the consumer
3,Innovative packaging from the perspective of health, environmental protection and humanity.

Post time: Mar-25-2021

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