liquid filling machine | water filling machine

Model: ZL180PX
Bag size Laminated film
Average speed 20-100 bags/min
Packing film width 120-320mm
Bag size L 50-170 mm W 50-150mm
Air consumption 6kg/m²
General power 4kw
Main motor power 1.81kw
Machine weight 350kg
Power supply 220V 50Hz.1Ph
Outside dimensions 1350mm*1000mm*2350mm

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It is suitable for liquid filling, water filling, sauce filling, paste filling, ketchup packaging. Food: seasoning soy, juice, jam, salad sauce, thick chilisauce, fish and meat stuffing, lotus-nut paste, sweetened bean paste and 0ther stuffing as well as drinks of large bulk. Non-food: oil, detergent, grease, industrial paste,etc vffs packing machine

Main  features

packing machine

● 1. The whole machine use 3 servo control system, running stability, high accuracy, fast speed, lower noisy.

● 2. It adopt touch screen operate, more easy, more intelligent.

● 3.Various packing type: pillow bag, punch hole bag, connect bags etc.

● 4. This machine can equip with multi-head weigher , electrical weigher, volume cup etc.

● 5. Entire machine design is more optimized for more convenient operation.

● 6. SS304 machine frame with sand blasted treatment realizes nice appearance.

● 7. Key components are specially designed, fast packing speed.accuracy is more flexible for packing different products.


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